DCI Cinema – The Most Exclusive Club for cinema aficionados.

A DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) cinema denotes a movie theater or screening room that meets the exacting standards set by Digital Cinema Initiatives LLC, a collaborative effort among major Hollywood studios. Some people call these DCP cinemas, but DCP is the files type the movies are supplied in. These stringent standards ensure that digital movies are presented with unparalleled quality and consistency across theaters equipped with cutting-edge digital and LED projection systems. Using the latest technology, Prestige Audio can now offer these in a luxury offering.

What is the benefit of a DCI Cinema

Imagine enjoying a newly released movie in the comfort of your own private screening room on its premiere day. This level of exclusivity transcends traditional cinema experiences, whether within the confines of your luxury home, residential screening room, or boutique hotel. Prestige Audio can now offer a solution for luxury hotels, residential amenity spaces to offer a sale ticketing system to offer you guests a luxury environment to watch new releases.

Privacy for you and your guests

For many of our discerning clients, public commercial cinemas may not offer the security or privacy they desire. Prestige Audio delivers an unmatched cinematic experience directly to your home on release day, complete with personalised features like custom seating and bespoke bar setups.

Your curiosities answered in FAQs

Your curiosities answered in FAQs